Unsolved: Trapped Inside Your Own Body?

Imagine a classic horror scene; the room is dark, the wind hollows in the distance and the protagonist awakens suddenly to find themselves incapable of moving. A prisoner to their own brain, they are only able to watch stuck in place, a living statue. What if we told you, this was not a thing of fiction but rather a real disease that continues to stump the medical community to this day.

Unsolved: Mysterious Noises

This unsolved case has a bit of all things that make true crime fans get excited. From intrigue, CIA, alleged secret government agendas, an unexplained illness to perhaps the most important thing of all; a mystery.

One Of These Serial Killers Could Be Your Neighbor?

This article takes a look at the top 3 serial killers that remain loose and could be closer than you think. It seemed obvious to mention killers like that The Zodiac Killer or Jack the Ripper; however, we wanted to focus on murderers whose crimes were committed in the last 20 years.

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