Top 5 Countries For Foodies

It may come as no surprise that this entire pear is one heck of a foodie. We are talking will try anything that looks good and smells even better. We decided what better way to marry our love with travel with our passion for food. This list contains the best countries in the world for those seeking to try the best foods out there.

The Most Haunted Places in The World

Filled with spooky vibes, curses, ghosts and everything scary, this list is certainly not for the faint of heart. Here are the 5 most terrifying locations ranked on the Scare Factor from 1-5. Travellers... you have been warned.

Craziest Places on Earth that Feel Unreal

With technology taking over and times of dragons and wonder feeling every so distant, magical places feel like a thing of the past. We are here to showcase the beauty and fantasy that is still very much alive in our world. Greenery, castles, mountains that touch the sky is just the beginning. We hope this list reminds you just how much wonder awaits you outside.

Top 5 Most Affordable Vacation Spots in 2022

It is time to get back out there, enjoy the ocean and soak up the sun. Regardless of just how much we all need to travel, there is no reason why we should overpay. With so many beautiful places to visit, we have compiled a list of the top 5 destinations that will leave your soul replenished and your wallet intact.

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