Are You Ready For The Final Season of Bleach

A few days ago the latest teaser trailer for Bleach came out and we are super hipped for it. We watched it when we where young, Friday nights on YTV. It was part of the anime line up at the time and oh was it a wonderful time. We would get together with friends and watch anime all night. This brings back some fond memories for sure. We know that many people were not the biggest fans of Bleach since it was overshadowed by One Piece or Naruto; however, we would disagree. We think it wasn’t a master piece but it was a very enjoyable and fun show overall. For us, although we preferred Naruto, Bleach is a show we are exited to see come to an end and get the resolution it deserves.

Our friend has read the manga on the Thousand-Year Blood War Arch, and he says along with the rest of the world that this is the best season that Bleach has to offer. Knowing this, we are super excited for the FINAL season to come out October 2022. The art style is typical of Bleach; however, they have improved it with new technology and effects. The characters are animated in a super clean and polished way. There is a little teaser here for you guys to watch which shows off a little of what this final season will be about.

The Quincy King has awoken from his slumber and is looking to take over the world.

We actually haven’t read or heard much about this season so we are going into it pretty blind, which is that much more exciting. Most people have probably read the manga already and know what will happen, which in our opinion ruins the experience of watching it for the first time and trying to guess in which direction they will take the story.

We are super exited to watch the Final Season of Bleach in October. We want to start a conversation here about who is excited to watch the final season. We also want to know who else preferred Bleach over One Piece and if that is an unpopular opinion? Who hated Bleach and thought it was silly or a re-make of Naruto? Let us know in the comments so we can talk about it.

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