Is The Only Way To Make Money On Medium To Write About Serial Killers?

I know what you are thinking right off the bat, what? Well dear readers we have been on Medium for over 7 months and we may have found a pattern. We will try to break down the statistics including earnings that have made us land at this conclusion.

The Start

Whether by coincidence or lady luck smiling down on us our very first article was indeed about serial killers. We published it December 1st and proclaimed; “This is easy!” when the subs and claps started pouring in. To date “These Serial Killers Could Have Outsmarted Einstein?” has over 846 views and would be our biggest earner if it had come after we joined the partner program. At first I wondered if the title was the reason for the views; however, this was later disproven. Most of its views came the month it was published; however, it continues to bring residual views even to this date!

The Follow Up

Of course when someone finds gold one just doesn’t walk away. Our next article was once again serial killer related. This time we went with “One of These Serial Killers Could Be Your Neighbour” in late December and at this point we were part of the partner program. The article got close to 500 views. Although we didn’t get as many views as our first article, we have made to date $11.29 cents with reads happening nearly every month since then. At this point we wondered, have we cracked this code? Well, not exactly; however, what does any reputable scientist enthusiast do when encountering a possible hypothesis? You test it…

The Test

At this point we said, hmm, and decided to write our next article in the category we were getting the most viewers from… true crime. Welcome to the stage “Unsolved: Mysterious Noises”. This baby got 105 views and has earned us to date $2.25 cents. Now, at this point we once again weren’t sure. We thought the title could have been better, maybe the topic wasn’t as fun- granted spy conspiracies from Cuba felt interesting for us. Regardless, we weren’t sure if the article just wasn’t true crime enough. So, we tested again trying to replicate the same method. “Unsolved: Trapped Inside Your Own Body” came next and boy did we get an answer. This article has 65 views and has earned us $0.33 cents to date.

The Modification

At this point it was still only January. We were trying to find our niche and so we figured Unsolved just wasn’t it. We still wanted to find out if true crime in general could work, but we also remembered our first two articles. Cue “Serial Killer, Supernatural or Hoax?” Although this one didn’t get as many views as it’s predecessors, it certainly did not make us pennies. We have to date earned $4.26 cents from this publication with an article that is an under 5 minutes read.

The Discovery

After this we did a series of tests, attempting to garner more subs from different categories. We wrote travel articles, geeky articles, even food ones. These guys got only a hand full of views and made a few cents at best. We realized that maybe our serial killer theory had merit. So, a week ago we wrote “Weird Facts About Serial Killers That Many Don’t Know” as a final test prior to writing this article. The results? In only 1 week we have received 141 views and made $6.63 cents for an article that reads in under 5 minutes.


Does writing about serial killers make more money than other topics here on Medium? Short answer, yes for us. Is this something that one can keep a steady flow of content on? Maybe. We certainly feel like there might be more views for us in this niche, a not so small category considering just how many serial killers we have in just North America alone. We would love to hear your thought. Do you find serial killers fascinating? Would you click on an article that has the words serial killer in the title? Have you written about serial killers here on medium? How did your article do? Thank you for joining our little experiment. We hope you find it as interesting as we did.

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