Will the Drako Luxury SUV out perform Telsa’s Model X Plaid?

Like many others we are huge fans of Tesla and their signature style. Nevertheless, we aren’t opposed to some friendly competition. Today we have a contender to the Model X Plaid which comes from Drako Motors. They have announced a 2000-hp electric luxury SUV. Will it make a plash and out perform Tesla? Or perhaps will it if fall short? Read more to find out.

Image Credits: Drako Motors

Drako has recently revealed it’s latest car called the Dragon, which is a luxury electric SUV. The Dragon is said to have 2000-hp. If what Drako says is true then it “out horsepower’s” the Model X by 980-hp. The Model X has 1020-hp. The Dragon is also supposed to be able to hit 0-60 MPH in 1.9 seconds, which again out performs the Model X which hits 0-60 MPH in 2.5 seconds.

Drako Motors: Dragon

Although we have no pictures of the interior, the company has clarified this model’s interior and exterior are built for luxury. Taking under account this, we should be ok expecting something similar or better than the Model X. This is something we wouldn’t worry to much about. These days luxury cars look amazing all over, specially in the interior.

They claim that the car will be priced competitively with other luxury electric SUV’s in the market. How competitive you may ask, only time will tell. We will note that Drako’s previous release was an exclusive car known as the GTE which sold out all 25 vehicles made for a whopping 1.3 million dollars. Therefore, we can only hope the Dragon will be much, much, much, much less than its predecessor.

Drako Motors: Dragon

Now, getting down to what will make or break this car, the battery life. It is great the Dragon can fit 2000-hp quad motors; however, for just how long will the battery be able to sustain this? Tesla’s Model X Plaid is currently sitting at a estimated average range of about 311 miles on a single charge. Will the Dragon be able to meet the 311 mile average as well or will the over kill on horsepower cause the batteries to die much sooner than that. Considering it is a luxury vehicle, we hope they have taken under account the importance of the battery life. Specially because no one wants to pay for a car they can only drive to the corner store and back.

Drako Motors: Dragon


This is an interesting new competitor that is coming to the market. Will it be able to compete toe to toe with Tesla or will it fall short? We believe that the 2 largest factors that will determine whether it will succeed or crash will be the price difference and battery range. As much as everyone wants a really fast car, most of the time speed restrictions will make you prioritize a car you can rely on. If the battery power of the Dragon cannot last as long as the Model X Plaid and if the price is way above, then we don’t see it being able to beat the Tesla Model X Plaid as a mass-production model luxury SUV. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you think this is a serious competitor for Tesla or will they be only tailored for a specific few?

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