A Flying Yacht, New Technology Coming Out of Dubai.

Have you ever seen a yacht that can also fly above the water? Well here is a crazy yacht company that has done just that in Dubai. They are called Foiler and they have a yacht that hovers over the water effortlessly. This is crazy to see and even crazier to experience. We stumbled upon this through a wonderful video on the Enes Plus channel on YouTube. We will have the video below so you guys can go check out what it looks like. We will also leave the links to the Foiler company website so you can go visit their site if you are interested in a yacht such as this one.


The Foiler can fit up to 8 passengers at a time and will fly at speeds of 18 knots, which is around 33km/h. Cruising speeds are in the 18-35 knots range which is around 33-65 km/h. The Foiler can go to 40 knots at top speed, which is 74km/h.

The range of these yachts is really good, if you keep a steady cruising speed of 20 knots, you will get about 352km in one trip. If you want to go faster to 30 knots, then you will get 278km. This is an amazing amount of range for the speed and size of the yacht.

The Foiler comes with 2 V8 Diesel engines that each provide 370 hp so together you will get 740 hp out of them. With the way the yacht is designed, it is actually 40% more efficient than regular yachts. This is achieved thanks to the yacht having no resistance from waves.

When the yacht is in storage mode, the rudders and the foils both retract up and out of the water. The design allows both things to stay dry when not in use achieving more durability and longevity.

Let’s talk about cost. To get your hands on one of these amazing yachts you can expect to pay $900, 000 USD, for the base model and $1-1.5 million for more custom yachts.

In general it can take 4 months for production to complete one of these beauties. The company is working on improving turn-around time but for now 4 months is the shortest wait time.

Layout Options

There are 5 different types of layouts that they provide right now.

1. The Venturi

This one has a top front deck where there are 2 chairs for you to sit and enjoy the water.

2. The Azure

This one doesn’t have the front deck but has a big U shaped seating area in the back for a nice family. There is also a retractable table so everyone can have lunch together. Instead of the open concept front deck, this one has a closed off cabin style front deck.

3. The Royale

This one has the front cabin and also a sun lounger in the back, instead of the U shaped seating area.

4. The GT

This one seems to have everything the others do, other than the U shaped seating. It has the front cabin but also an open front end with 2 chairs. From those 2 chairs you can control the yacht with a joystick.

5. Custom

Finally we got the custom model, here you can have whatever you want wherever you want. you can make it completely your own design, but we will warn you, this will probably end up being the most expensive and slow process of them all.

Our Thoughts

We think this is a great new innovative take on the original yacht. You are flying over the water and making 40 degree turns at 30-40 knot speeds, which is incredible. Not to mention how comfortable it is to cruise or race without having to fight against the water. The price tag is quite high; however, due to the novelty of the technology awe can understand. With time the price of these yachts will go down as the company scales and finds more efficient ways to manufacturer.

Let us know how many of you would like a yacht like this one and what do you think of the design. We have to give a big shout out to Enes and his team, we love watching his videos and we thought this was an amazing peace of tech that we wanted to share with you. We will put the video right below here if you would like the see the Foiler in action. It is a great video and will show off the crazy things the yacht can do.

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