Weird Facts About Serial Killers That Many Don’t Know

Serial killers are one of the most terrifyingly fascinating topics in our society. From TV shows, movies, podcasts to books and blogs, people remain bewildered about how these individuals think. In this list we will dive deep into the minds of these individuals turned murderers.

1. Peewee Gaskins, one of South Carolina’s most prolific serial killer had a confession stuck to his car the whole time. Gaskins drove around the city with a bumper sticker that said he was hauling dead bodies in his trunk. If asked he would just say that he needed to take all the bodies of his victims to the cemetery for him to bury. While on trial he confessed to having killed over 100 people.

2. A cannibal that watched his diet? Dorangel Vargas also known as “El Coomegente” or the people eater was a Venezuelan serial killer. Vargas ate and killed a minimum of 10 people in his lifetime. His one weird preference? He refused to eat overweight or heavier individuals because he was concerned for his health. Yes, a cannibal was worried the high level of cholesterol in larger people would affect his health. No morals but at least health awareness.

3. A vampire serial killer was on the loose? Richard Chase was an American serial killer and cannibal. In just one month he murdered 6 people in California. He got his nickname “Sacramento Vampire” because he would drink the blood of all his victims. His reasoning? Chase stated he was driven to kill and drink the blood of his victims by aliens he believed had invaded his body and were drinking his own blood. Talk about alien, cannibal, vampire crossovers.

4. A possessed dog pushed this serial killer to kill? In the 1970s David Berkowitz was arrested for the murder of 6 people. During his trial he tried to blame his neighbor’s dog for the murders. He told the jury a spirit had possessed the dog and was commanding him to shoot all these people. Since the owner of the dog was named Sam, he was nicknamed as “Son of Sam”. What is even weirder? Since 2002 he has been eligible for parole. Nevertheless, each time his hearing comes he begs not to be released or skips his hearing all together.

5. There was once a serial killer that reported on the papers his own crimes. Vlado Taneski was a Macedonian crime reporter. He was known for having incredibly detailed articles outlining the murders that plagued his town. At first, his stories filled everyone with interest; however, it didn’t take long for him to share details that had never been shared with the public. It was this oversharing that got him arrested and eventually convicted.

6. A serial killer that saved a prison guard’s life. The River Killer was sent to prison for arson and burglary. While serving his 5 years he saved the life of a guard when a riot broke inside the prison. Because of this heroic act he was released after serving only 22 months. After leaving jail he went on to kill at least 14 people and turn to cannibalism.

7. Ted Bundy requested that his ashes be scattered in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. You might be thinking there is nothing odd about wanting a peaceful resting place. Nevertheless, this was not such place but rather the location in which four of his victims bodies were found. His request was granted and now we can’t help but wonder his reasoning for such a request.

8. Dennis Nilsen pretended his victims were alive for months after he had murdered them. Nilsen killed at least fifteen men and boys in gruesome circumstances between 1978 and 1983, and was known to retain corpses for sex acts. Following each murder, Nilsen would bath, dress and even talk to his victims as if they were still alive.

9. Herbert Mullin killed people to keep mother nature happy? Mullin is an American serial killer who killed 13 people in California in the early 1970s. He claimed killing these people was nothing more than a necessary sacrifice that prevented earthquakes. As of 2021, he has been denied parole eight times and is unlikely to ever be released.

10. We are ending our list with another Ted Bundy fact. During the 80s while on death row for the many murders he committed Bundy offered to help catch another notorious killer. He created a psych profile for The Green River Killer that was more accurate than the FBI’s. This profile was incredibly helpful in the investigation and left may wondering if it was his psychology degree that gave Bundy the insight or his killer instincts.

Regardless of whether you find them fascinating or simply terrifying serial killers are everywhere. This list is a compilation of bizarre and unnerving facts. We hope you found it interesting and would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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