A Cool Phone Hits The Market and It’s Naruto Themed?

Today we have a unique piece of tech for you guys. We will be reviewing the Realme GT Neo 3 and not just any regular Neo 3 but the Naruto Edition and everything that it comes with. We will go over some specs and cool features that come with the phone. Then we will give you guys some of our opinions on the phone and let you know if it is worth the purchase or not.

Specs of the Phone

This phone is bolstering some impressive specs for the price point. It has a 6.7 inch FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display, which means you will be able to watch any videos you want in 4K with no problem. It has a Octa-core processor, 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, 256GB of Storage space, and 4500mAh battery which supports 150W fast charging. There is also a triple rear camera set-up that is 50MP+8MP+2MP and a front facing 16MP selfie camera. Realme is using their own operating system called Realme UI 3.0 OS which is based on the Android 12 OS. It is also compatible with 5G Network Bands, so connection to the internet at high speeds is easy. Overall this phone is comparable in specs to the Samsung Galaxy S22+, with the main difference being the rear cameras and price. The triple rear cameras on the Galaxy S22+ are 50MP+10MP+12MP, so the main camera is the same but the following 2 have more MP’s on the Galaxy. The price for the Neo 3 Naruto Edition is around $800 CAD and the Galaxy S22+ is $1300 CAD for the 256GB memory version. We are pretty impressed this phone managed to come in at half the price of the Samsung.

Extra Accessories

The phone has some amazing specs but it also comes with even cooler accessories. Included right in the box you won’t need to pay extra for these. First we have the case the phones comes in which are far away from any iPhone or Samsung packaging. Indeed, this is a special case and not one you will be throwing away anytime soon. It looks amazing, just take a look at the pictures above.

Realme kept true to the Naruto theme and made the box in the shape of a scroll, how clever and unique is that? We personally love the design choice and think that it makes the product stand out from the competition.

Once you open the bottom cap and pull out the phone, you will see a SIM jack tool that is in the shape of the leaf village symbol. Then you get to the phone and you will see the cool back design that is themed after Naruto. You get the Uzumaki clan symbol right in the middle of the phone.

The phone has an orange bottom half and a black top half, where the camera’s are on the back. It has polished silver similar to the headband design Naruto wears in the anime. Once the phone is out, behind it you will see a clear gel case you can put the phone. The fast charger is also orange and black themed. It has a 150W charging break and even comes with a USB-C cable as well.

Is It Worth The Price?

We would say that it depends on the individual. Are you interested on the Naruto franchise? Do you like anime? If you love Naruto then this phone would be right up your ally. The price point for this phone is amazing. How many phones can you get with $800? We will say, this phone has some amazing specs for the price point. You get a fantastic scroll that you can use as a storage box and a fast charger power brick that is also themed. We would say this is definitely worth the price point of $800, but only if you are a Naruto fan. If you are not into Naruto then you can just get the regular version of the phone and you will still get all the great features this edition has.

Where Can You Buy It?

Well, unfortunately this phone is based in Asia. Most sellers are therefore based there which means long shipping times. We did find a few companies like Giztop and Aliexpress have it listed; however, we are certain just how reliable this sellers are. If you wish to purchase the phone, we recommend doing your research and insuring you can claim back your money with your back if an issue takes place. Although we hear Giztop has had its angry customers, they do seem to deliver their items, albeit after a long time.


We would say that this is a very interesting crossover between Realme and Naruto. The Neo 3 has some amazing specs at an amazing price point, so if you are an android user and a Naruto fan, then this phone is a no brainer. If you are an iPhone you are going to have to make the choice between your love for Naruto and the iPhone OS when it comes to this phone. We are both iPhone users ourselves so we understand the struggle to make this choice. Maybe we need to try and get Apple to do a collaboration like this in the future. Either way, this is one cool piece of tech.

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