The Future of Xbox: Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase June 12th, 2022

During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase (June 12th, 2022) Xbox & Bethesda has shared a lot of news on the projects they are working on. All the projects that where revealed at this showcase will be coming out within the next 12 months. So if there is a game you are really excited about, you wont have to wait 5 years for it.

The Game Pass for Xbox also seems very compelling. You can play almost all the games that come out on release day and the most expensive package costs only $16. Not to mention that the first 3 months will cost you $1 a month. With all the games currently available and all the games coming out, this might just be worth the monthly subscription.

If you missed this showcase, we got you covered. With so much information to break down, we will do our best to give you the highlights. From what is coming out to what is in the making, the future of gaming seems bright. We hope you find a clear breakdown that leaves you exited for what is to come.

Redfall: Early 2023

Starting off the list is Redfall. This is a vampire hunting game you can play with friends. You are thrown in a town that has been overrun with vampires. It is up to you and your team to find the core of the vampires and remove them from your town.

There are multiple different classes that you can play with and upgrade their special abilities. Each member will have a different skill so they can help each other in different ways. This way, every character feels important and needed. This is a FPS game with abilities. The graphics look great and the guns look crisp. This is a fast paced shooter with lots of cool things to discover and do. This will support cross-play between PC and Xbox. So if some friends are on pc and some on Xbox, then you have nothing to worry about because you can play together.

Riot Games: Early 2023

Riot games is sending some lovely gifts for Xbox pass holders in 2023. If you have an Xbox pass, then you will be able to redeem a ton of free loot from all of Riot’s games. We think that this is meant to get more people to play Riot’s games. This is not a bad thing because you get an amazing starting set for all the games. Regularly, each champion and character requires you to play the game and can only be unlocked by purchasing them.

With Xbox pass you will get access to all the champions and characters unlocked with no extra work needed. In League of Legends, you will get all the champions unlocked. In Wild Rift, you will get all the champions unlocked. In Runterra, you will get the foundations set unlocked which gives you access to all the cards that came out at the start of Runterra. In TFT, you will get select little legends unlocked. For this one we might have to wait and see just which ones we get access to. Regardless, some little legends is better than none. Lastly, there is Valorant. Here you will unlock all the agents. This way you can play whichever character you want right away. We can’t say just how annoying it is to have to wait for BE (Blue Essence) which is the in game currency to unlock champions that we want to play. This way we can have access to all of them and enjoy playing which ever character we want.

A Plague Tale: Requiem (Coming 2022)

A Plague Tale: Requiem looks graphically stunning. The game looks beautiful and the gameplay loop seems fun. Now the question is, will the story be there to support the graphics and the gameplay loop? This has a creepy feel to the gameplay and the setting. The game is about a young women trying to escape her lands from the invaders. While she is trying to escape, she needs to also help her little brother escape with her. This makes the escape much harder because she has to take care of someone else as well as herself. Will the two of them be able to work together and escape?

Forza Motorsport: Spring 2023

The latest instalment of Forza Motorsport is coming in 2023. This game looks stunning and for all those car guys and girls, this will be a game to watch out for. They say that the driving experience has gone to a whole other level, with the improvement of real time raytracing. They have improved there physics simulation by 48 times. We will have to wait and see just how much better it feels in person. They have full day and night cycle that affects and changes the game as time goes on. There is also going to be a car building and customization area.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: November 2022

Who knew that Flight simulator has been going for 40 years. This is a realistic take on flying all sorts of aircrafts. The graphics on this look great. The aircrafts look fantastic. There is not much to say here, it’s a simulator so if you want to get a taste of what flying a plane is like this can be a nice start. They are also collaborating with Halo and are going to give people the ability to fly a ship from Halo Infinite. That sounds like fun.

Overwatch 2: October 2022

Overwatch 2 finally has a release date. We have seen streamers play the beta and now we can expect to see this game come out in October of this year. They also revealed the latest character that will be coming to the game. Early access will drop on October 4th, 2022 for those who want to start playing right away.

The new character has a gun and an axe, also has a steam punk vibe to her. Our guess is she is an ADC type character. They are going to be new maps coming and new game modes. They are reworking some old characters so that they work better in the new system. The game is also going to be free to play so anyone who hasn’t been able to play the game because of the price tag, can now give Overwatch a try. They changed the teams from 6 on 6 to 5 on 5. This makes it so that there is only 1 tank. We can’t wait for this new version of Overwatch to come out.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle (June 21, 2022)

This is just an expansion to the very popular game Elder Scrolls Online. High Isle will take you on a new adventure to new lands. It seems like they have improved on the graphics a little since 2014, but you can still see the janky rigs that the characters move on. We guess it must be due to the size of the game, they can’t put that much time into each and every little thing. That would take way to long and also take to much space on the servers. This is coming soon but for the price of $53 CAD on steam. Personally that seems really steep for an expansion. That is our opinion; what do you guys think? Is that too much for an expansion?

Fallout 76: The Pitt (September 2022)

Fallout 76 is also coming out with an expansion to their game. It is called The Pitt, and it is a new area for players to visit. We must say that this game just doesn’t seem up to spec in terms of the graphics. The graphics just seem very out dated for what is achievable in this day and age.

The studio Bethesda is a big studio so we are sure they are able to create some amazing assets. Nevertheless, what we have seen thus far just doesn’t show that. Maybe there is something else that brings people to this game. For us, this game just isn’t a match; however, please let us know if it is yours. We would love to learn more, maybe there is something we don’t know or misunderstood.

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels (July 19, 2022)

Forza Horizon 5 is coming out with an expansion July 9th, 2022. Forza has teamed up with Hot Wheels to bring some super crazy and fun tracks to the map. Not only that but you can build and create your own tracks. This seems like every little kid’s dream. To be able to drive on the Hot Wheels tracks you put together as a kid. This expansion comes in at $25 CAD so not as bad as other expansions. Is it worth that price? We will have to wait and see. Seems like a ton of fun.

ARK 2: Coming 2023

Ark came out in 2017 and has had some expansions since then. Now we will finally be getting Ark 2, the second instalment in the Ark franchise. This trailer doesn’t show much but is sure looks pretty. It is a cinematic trailer so there is no gameplay footage to see what the game will really look like. If it looks like the trailer, then man are we in for a treat. However, that would be a big jump from the original Ark game.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn (Early 2023)

Flintlock is a new game that will be coming out early 2023. The game looks amazing and it seems like the story will be strong too. It is set in a old western setting but with Gods and magic. This looks like a promising new title that is coming out early 2023. We would say this is a game to keep your eye on if you are into single players games. Granted, the game having a multiplayer mode has not been talked about so who knows? In this trailer they are showing gameplay of single player by the looks of it. Regardless, it looks pretty good and we are exited to try it.

Minecraft Legends: Coming 2023

Minecraft is coming out with a new game called Minecraft legends. Seems confusing that it is a whole new game but lets go with it. This is a new action strategy game that is coming out in 2023. It seems very similar to Minecraft just with some new abilities and set in a different area. More magic and knights vibes and more story driven maybe. What do you guys think?

Light Year Frontier: Spring 2023

This game is like a mech farming simulator game. You are creating a farm on a different planet and the story develops from there. However, the main objective IS the farm’s success. The cool thing is that you can do that with your friends. Go exploring together and find cool things. Our question is will there be enough to keep players interested in the game? This always brings me back to No Man’s Sky when it came out and how little there was to do. Will there be enough variety of things to do to keep players engaged in the game or just farming? If it does have enough engagement then it can turn out to be a fun game for sure.

Gunfire Reborn: October 2022

Gunfire Reborn is a interesting first person Chibi shooting game. It can be played in 4 player co-op which is super fun if you love playing with your friends. The characters look great and there is interesting abilities that they each have. The game is scheduled to be released in October 2022 and promises players a world of endless fun.

Diablo IV: Coming 2023

The latest instalment of Diablo is coming in 2023 with Diablo IV. The game looks fantastic. This is one of the games that we are going to keep a close eye on. They have 2 player couch co-op so we can play it while seating side by side. There isn’t many games now a days that have couch co-op available and this game looks like it could be the perfect couple or best friend game. We would like it to be a 3rd person rather then an over the top, but even for over the top (eagle view) it looks great.

There is so much detail added to the characters, enemies, and landscapes that it left us pretty impressed. The studio added lots of customizations so that you can make your character look just how you want them to look. There is also cross-play between Xbox and PC which is great for playing with friends. The first trailer is a cinematic trailer and the second one is gameplay showcasing what the game will look like. The story is great and it makes medieval lovers like us get exited. It is also interesting that once you take out a dungeon, that dungeon doesn’t just stay the same but can turn into a new town with thriving communities. We suggest adding this to your must-play list.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Spring 2023

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a 3rd side scroller game. It looks beautiful, the art style and interesting story left us pretty impressed. This looks like it can be a really fun side scroller game to pass the time. It seems like a refreshing take on the original side scroller idea that many of us are familiar with. We know that there are other similar games out there; however, this one looks really interesting.

Naraka: Bladepoint (June 23, 2022)

Naraka Bladepoint is finally coming to the Xbox. This is a 60 player battle royal game where the last one standing wins. This is super cool because it is not your standard Fortnite or Warzone shooting game. There is close range fights that can happen with swords and other weapons, while at the same time have magic and other weapons for some more long range fights. The great thing is that you can’t just get beamed from across the map by someone so easily like you can in other battle royals.

There is also a new campaign mode that will be coming to the game, so you can dive deeper into the game’s story and learn more about it. This is coming June 23, 2022 so if you have been watching this game being played on pc, you can now play it on console too. With the way game pass works, there is a good chance that this game is also cross-play so if you got friends playing on PC, you can still play with them!

Sea of Thieves Season 7: July 21, 2022

Sea of Thieves is coming out with season 7 on July 21, 2022. This seems to be bringing a lot of customizations to the game. Being able to fully deck out your ship with whatever loot you found in the world is a really cool add on for us. Now the question remains, have they added enough content in the game to get the most money? As far as we recall, originally, the game had you run around doing missions that felt very similar. Granted, we don’t keep up with this game so they could have fixed this issue already. You guys let us know, how is this game doing right now? Is it fun, or still empty?

Ravenlok: Coming 2023

Ravenlok is a new pixel but not pixel action-adventure game. It’s like a high level of pixels but you can still see the pixels if that makes sense. It is very interesting because it gives the character and enemies a texture to them. It is not smooth and clean like most games, so it feels like you are playing a more retro game. There are fantasy creatures, magic, and swords. Overall, it looks like a good time to chill out on the couch.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Early 2023)

The latest game coming out from Team Ninja (the creators of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden) is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is Team Ninja’s answer to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, released in 2019. Wo Long is set in a similar time period as Sekiro and has the same familiar magical creatures and bosses. They have similar gameplay styles which is great to see. Difficult and fun fighting-adventure games. Nioh had great gameplay so we are sure this will have something just as great. This time we were given just a cinematic trailer so we don’t know what it will look like in game for now. We will have to stay tuned for some real gameplay.

Starfield: Coming 2023

Starfield was the last game to be revealed at the showcase. It was a 15min gameplay trailer where a lot happened. They walked us through a lot of information. The game looks amazing for the size they say the game will be.

There are 1000’s of worlds that you will be able to visit and explore. Let’s just hope they are more alive than the worlds in No Man’s Sky. There are lots of cities to visit and you can create your own strong hold on different plants with your own crew. There, you will be able to keep your inventory and supplies.

You can create your own spaceship with extreme detail and customization. This game seems to be playable in both 3rd person and first person. The gun controls where only shown in first person so that might be the only mode during fights. There is also ship combat in first or 3rd person.

We will have to see more in order to figure that out. With the way that this game looks and the scope that it is said to have, it looks miles better graphically than Fallout 76. That is interesting to think about; why is Fallout is so far behind? This is definitely a game to keep your eye on because it can be one of the most diverse games out there. We should be seeing a lot more of this game soon as it will be coming out sometime next year.


In conclusion, there are a lot of exciting announcements for games coming to Xbox and PC in the next 12 months. The future of gaming looks promising and we can’t wait to play all the wonderful releases. We don’t know how we will find the time to play everything, but are excited to try. We would love hearing from you; let us know what you are most excited for in the comments below. Personally, we can’t wait for Diablo IV, Starfield, Flintlock, Redfall, A Plague Tale, and Overwatch 2.

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