The Summer of Gaming 2022 (June 9th 2022) What You Missed

If you missed the live stream of the Summer of Gaming 2022 on June 9th; we got you covered. With so much information to break down, we will do our best to give you the highlights. From what is coming out to what is in the making, the future of gaming seems bright. We hope you find a clear breakdown that leaves you exited for what is to come.

Street Fighter 6: Coming in 2023

So this game fest started out with Street Fighter 6 gameplay. The State of Play broadcast gave us a first look at the game -check out our article on this event under the geek category)-but this is the first official gameplay trailer featuring Guile. The graphics on this game look great compared to the previous versions. They really seem to have done an amazing job. The best way we can explain the gameplay is as super smooth. It looks effortless and incredibly advanced. Regardless of appearances, we will leave it up to you guys to let us know what you think of the new street fighter gameplay…

Aliens Dark Descent: Coming in 2023

Next on the list is Aliens Dark Descent. They showed off a trailer which really emphasizes how high definition trailers for games in less definition just don’t work. It gets the gamer exited because technology is there to deliver gameplay that looks like a trailer. Nevertheless, when they show actual gameplay you can’t help but feel disappointed. As far as the trailer, we felt it had nothing useful for potential players except 3 seconds of gameplay at the very end of the trailer. After 2:29mins of what we will generously call backstory, they show a couple places, some shooting, and a few aliens. Right after they go back to trailer mode to give the alien one last foreboding growl. We wonder why they chose to do that. Is it because those games are not very popular so they need trailers like these to hook people into their games? What do you guys think, do you like to see trailers like this that don’t look anything like the gameplay or are you ok with it?

The Callisto Protocol: December 2nd 2022

We got gameplay footage for The Callisto Protocol and ladies and gentleman this is how you do a trailer that doesn’t take away from the real game/gameplay. They did show a trailer alongside this snippet of gameplay but it was the same trailer shown at The State of Play on June 2nd. So if you would like to see it check out that article under Geek. This is a first look at what the gameplay will look like, it shows some cool weapons and cool new enemies as well. In the gameplay you are moving through the med bay and searching for a way out. The camera is placed very close over the shoulder of the character, we think this is so that you can really get immersed in the game. It makes things more eerie and scary in a game like this. It seems like you get some powers too, he uses what we will call “the force” in the clip shown. We originally believed that the ability is linked to the weapon he is holding. Nevertheless, he uses it with his gauntlet later in the gameplay so it must operate differently. It reminded us of the force powers from Star Wars, hence the nickname. Overall, we thought it looked really cool and definitely worth a check. One thing we will suggest, if you play this game, make sure to watch your surroundings… they can be deadly.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (October 8th, 2022)

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay trailer is finally here. One of the most hyped up games has finally dropped the gameplay and it looks pretty good. This was the first Cod game that we played back in the day so it was super nostalgic to see. The graphics look pretty good but we wouldn’t say that they are super different from the previous Modern Warfare remake. In the gameplay we noticed that the mo-cap seemed much better and also the flash grenade feels and looks good. The gameplay definitely felt like good old Modern Warfare 2 with improved graphics so we cant wait to try it out when it comes out. When you pre-order the game, you will get access to the open beta that is live right now. The gameplay shown was of a story mission; and personally, that was not the most enjoyable part of Modern Warfare. On the other hand, we can’t wait to see the spec ops missions and also the multiplayer. Cod is also working on a Warzone 2.0 that will include Modern Warfare 2. The platform will stay where it is, this means that you don’t need to download something new, it will come like a new update most likely. They say that Warzone will be like an extension of Modern Warfare 2. They are also bringing Warzone to mobile so that you can continue playing on the go. Overall, nostalgic gameplay that was elevated and feels a bit more refreshed. Let us know how you feel.

Witchfire: Early Access Soon

We will start by saying that this reminds us of a old school western filled with magic and fantasy aspects. The style of gameplay felt like Doom, with super fast shooting and first person view. When we played Doom our only criticism was it wasn’t our preferred genre. It lacked that old-school armor, knights, and magic element. The Witcher 3 is a great example of what we are talking about. This being said, this game seems to be the answer to that critique. The game looks graphically great. All the effects, magic, and weapons are super cool. Granted there are a guns mixed with magic but it feels like they successfully merged western with fantasy. The game has that old school vibe with a twist. Therefore, if you are into Doom but wanted something more magical; this might be your game.

Fort Solis: Coming Soon

This game reminds us a of death stranding because of the graphics. The game itself doesn’t seem to be the same in terms of gameplay but it gave us similar feels. This is an Indie Studio that apparently has a big budget. It has Troy Baker and Troy Rogers voice acting. This trailer doesn’t show it but they say that this is a tight thriller game with fast paced action. Overall, it looks intriguing even with the limited gameplay shown. We will wait to see more releases to make our final decision.

Routine: Xbox and Pc exclusive

Here we have Routine which is a fps game, where you are in space fighting to survive. It looks like a first person dead space to us. One aspect that intrigued us is how they modelled the robot. We must say they made it look cool and new. This was a much shorter clip but it is to be expected as the game premiered during this stream. For a first look at the game, we think it looks intriguing and can’t wait to see more.

Outriders Worldslayer: June 30th, 2022

This game looks like a 3rd person Destiny but with worse graphics. It seems to have more classes than Destiny had originally; however, we aren’t sure if this makes it more appealing. The trailer does not have any gameplay, it is a cinematic trailer focused on giving players a general feel of the game. We will have to wait and see what this game has to offer as far as gameplay goes.

Stormgate: Beta in 2023

This is an RTS game which stands for real-time strategy. By watching this trailer alone, you will never guess that this is a RTS game. You can register for the beta that is coming in 2023. Currently, the game is being developed by a team that worked at Blizzard on Star Craft. Based on the enemies shown in this trailer, they remind us of the enemies in Destiny. They say they will have more classes and characters but that will come with time. We will have to wait and see for some gameplay to make and a real call.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (June 30th, 2022)

This trailer is showing the DLC that is coming to Cuphead. They said that this DLC was like a full new game. The island is bigger than the previous one you where on. You can also now play as the new character Ms. Chalice. This is a great take on the old school animation style most of us are familiar with. Overall, the game looks fantastic for those into this kind of aesthetics. Personally, this is definitely not a game for us as we would rip our hair out from having to do the same boss or minions over and over again until we have their patterns memorized. Nevertheless, watch the trailer and make your own choice.

Warframe The Duviri Paradox

We used to play this game a while ago and it seems like it is much different from what we remember. They can ride horses now and the warframes have faces too. This is all new to us, but we haven’t been following the way for a while. If this is actually old news please let us know down in the comments. Regardless, this is the first look of the Duviri Paradox expansion in Warframe. If you are a fan of Warframe, then make sure to catch Tennolive on Twitch for a free Titania Prime skin and Tennocon on Twitch for a free Crescent night bundle. You can also join them IN-GAME during Tennolive for a special event where you will receive the stranger’s hood for free. Tennocon will be held on July 16th so make sure not to miss out on all the cool free stuff.

Star Rail: Coming Soon

This is a new game that Honkai (the creators of Genshin Impact) are working on. It is very similar to Genshin Impact but this time you are in space and it has a more futuristic feel. There is tech and magic all in one place. We don’t have much info on what else we can expect; however, we will keep an eye out and let you know if anything new get’s released.

Zenless Zone Zero: Coming Soon

This is another game from the creators of Genshin Impact but this time you are on earth with a cyberpunk vibe. The art style has a more mechanical feel and less magic. Not much more to it. If you have played Genshin Impact and liked it, then you might also like the 2 games that the creators are working on. We tend to chase more fantasy games than robots and tech, but do see the game’s appeal.

One Piece Odyssey: Coming in 2022

This is a new JRPG game set in the One Piece universe. It is an open world fighting game with this 3D anime style that the Naruto games have. This seems to be a pretty standard style for JRPG games. It looks good and if you are into One Piece then this will be a good game for you to keep your eye on.

Saints Row

The new Saints Row game is coming out. The last Saints Row game came out in 2015, so it has been a while. This game looks very similar to GTA 5 in what they are and how they look. Now GTA 5 came out in 2013 and has had many updates since then, so it will be great to see how different or the same these 2 games will be. You can go play the Demo right now called Saints Row Boss Factory. There, you will be able to pre-customize your character for when the game comes out. You can spend hours and hours trying to find the best version of your character and have it all ready for the release.

The Last of Us: HBO TV Series Coming Soon

In this video you will see Neil Druckmann talk about the new multiplayer mode for Last of Us and also the new TV series that is coming to HBO. This new multiplayer mode is going to be a stand alone title which means that it will be separate from “The Last of Us” and “The Last of Us Part 2”. This multiplayer mode is supposed to be as big as the original game and will have its own story mode that you can play with friends. This will be coming out in 2023 but sadly all we get for this is one piece of concept art, so not much to go on here. Next he spoke about the tv show and again all we get is a single image of Joel and Ellie. Neil says that they are finishing up the filming now so we should be expecting it soon. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson also come on and talk about their roles in the show. They are playing side characters this time around. It should be interesting to see the 2 main characters of the previous games not voicing the 2 actual main characters.

The Last of Us Remake: September 2nd, 2022

So Naughty Dog remastered the first part of The Last of Us and now wants to do it again. They feel like they finally have the technology to make it the game they wanted it to be. They have revamped the whole game in terms of graphics, sounds, effects, and so much more. Now is this necessary, we don’t think so, the game was fantastic and fantastic again in the remastered version. Regardless, the game does look much better with the new visuals. So much cleaner and definitely up to date in our opinion. They show a side by side and that is where you can really see the difference. This game will no longer be just on PS5 but will also be released on PC. So anyone who wanted to play it but couldn’t because they didn’t have a PlayStation.. you can now.


In conclusion, there wasn’t a whole lot for this games fest. This time it was a 2 hour show and we still felt like nothing too crazy was shown. We feel like the State of Play was the same but it didn’t spend 2 hours talking about everything. It was straight to the point showed the content and left, this one has a lot more talking segments in between and still left us feeling neutral about the new releases. We would say that the highlights of this event was Modern Warfare 2, Witchfire, The Callisto gameplay, and The Last of Us announcements. These are all just our opinions so leave it down in the comments and let us know what was your favorite part of this conference and what games you are excited for. There are more events to come this weekend, so make sure to check out the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase on Sunday June 12th at 1pm EDT or 10am PDT.

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