Top 10 Travel Must Haves

In our last post we talked about the top 5 most affordable vacation spots in 2022. If you are thinking about traveling but don’t know where to go and are on a budget, go check out our article under travel. Today we are going to give you our top 10 travel must haves so that you are ready for your next adventure. All links will be under the picture if you are interested in the products. There is no order of importance in this listing, all products are items we would recommend and think could help improve your travel experience. So get out there, have an adventure, and do so in style.

#1: Luggages

Starting the list is some of the most important items, your luggage. You can’t really travel without a luggage or carry on, so here are a few that we think you might like. Starting this off is Amazons very own 3pc set. It comes in at just over $200 but you get a large, medium, and carryon. This ensures you will not need any additional luggage. The best part? The set is currently on a 15% discount (as of June 9th, 2022). We are also linking just the carryon for those travelling light and avoiding having to wait. The final option we have here is Samsonite’s carry on. It has a great hard shell and also a built in lock so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. This carry on comes in at $130. All 3 links offer luggages that are spacious, durable, and versatile; exactly what we think a suitcase should be!

#2: Packing Cubes

Next we have 2 sets of packing cubes. We have the 4 piece set from Amazon Basics that comes in at about $30. It fits and stores all your clothes and shoes neatly in your luggage so you don’t have to worry about dirt or trying to fit clothes into a tight suitcase. There are various different colors so you can go as girly , mainly or neutral as you like. The second option is the DIMJ packing cubes, that come with 8 pieces. This one comes in at $45 but it also has a hanging toiletry bag. It comes with 2 large cubes for your clothes, 2 medium cubes for shoes or extras, 2 small cubes for your personal garments and a small zip up baggy for your electronics and cables. With these 2 sets of cubes you will be able to keep your luggage nice and neat. This helps you know where everything is so you don’t end up with your hotel floor filled with your belongings.

#3: Toiletry Bag

If you decide to not use packing cubes or buy a set that doesnt have a toiletry bag, we are about to change your life. These babies are meant for your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and all other toiletries. You have no idea how useful they are. Just get to your hotel, unpack the toiletry bag and hang it behind the bathroom door. You have easy access to al your stuff and it keeps them away from the sink so you have less of a chance to forget them behind. This specific toiletry bag comes in a wide range of styles. It also comes in at just over $20, so if you are don’t have to shed a lot of money to stay organized.

#4: Travel Bottles Sets

To fill out the hanging travel bag, we have some travel sized silicone bottles that will help you keep all your shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and creams safe and sound. They are leak proof and come in sizes that are travel approved. If you only travel with a carry on, the fact that all these bottles are under the max 3.4 oz allow you to take your stuff without fear of them getting confiscated or rejected. We have a 14 piece and a 16 piece set that come in at $25 and $35 respectfully. They are both amazing options and since they are made of silicone, cleaning them is very straight forward and fast.

#5: Umbrellas

Now we have a emergency option. We would hope that there is no rain on your vacation, but sometimes there is. We have been caught many times specially when travelling during April and May unprepared. We cannot tell you how many times we wanted to scream at not having an umbrella and having to sprint to the buffet under heavy rain. So here we got 2 umbrellas that fold up in a small form so you don’t repeat our mistakes. They are about $35 each and are windproof, lightweight, and have a lifetime replacement warranty. This is a great buy just incase you get some showers on your trip. This way the rain won’t stop you from having an amazing vacation.

#6: Re-Useable Water Bottles

Here we have a few different re-usable water bottles. The first option is this collapsible water bottle that comes in at just over $30. It is made of silicone and is BPA free, it also comes in different colors. This is great for travellers because you can keep it in it’s small form until you need to fill it up. It easily doubles in size and holds up to 18oz. Next we have a Brita stainless steel water bottle and the extra filters that are sold separately. This water bottle comes in at just over $30 as well (with a %15 discount as off June 9th, 2022) but it has a filter. So you can add whatever water you would like in here and know it is safe to drink. Finally we have the FineDine water bottle. This one is also stainless steel and is a 25oz or 739ml bottle. It is not collapsible but it comes with 3 different lid options. 1 for cold drinks, 1 for drinks with fruit or ice, and one for hot drinks. So no matter what type of drink you are having, you will have the right lid for it. This bottle comes in at $25 and can also keep your hot drinks hot for up top 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Which ever option you go with will be a great choice, it comes down to the little differences that best suits your travel needs. Moreover, you will be able to travel knowing you won’t need to depend on small cups or plastic water bottles to stay hydrated.

#7: Passport Holders

Time for some safety measures with these RFID passport holders. We have a family sized and a personal sized one. Lets start with the DEFWAY family passport holder. It comes in at $25 and it can fit 4 passports, 5 credit/ debit/ ID cards, keys, money, and a phone. This thing can replace your wallet and then some. It is also RFID protected so no one can steal your information. Great way to keep everything together and safe. There is nothing worse than struggling to find your passport in the middle of a check in line. For those traveling alone, the personal holder comes in at $15 and it is also RFID protected. It can hold your passport, ticket, a pen, 4 cards, a SIM card, and more. Regardless of the model, having the space to hold all your personal items will save you time and give you peace of mind.

#8: Portable Charger Power Banks

Now we have some portable chargers. You never know when you might need to charge your devices, and with either of these 2 chargers you will covered. The first option is an Anker charger that comes in at $60. It has 20,000mAh which can charge your iPhone 13 4.5 times or your iPad mini 2.2 times. This means that you can keep your phone charged for almost a week without charging the power bank. So if you need to charge your devices and there is no outlet or you are on the move during your travels, then this power bank will do an amazing job for you. It is also super durable and has 2 charging ports, so you can charge 2 devices at once. The next power bank is $45 and has 33,800mAh which can charge an iPhone 12 9 times. This will be able to last you over a week without external power. It also has wireless quick charging so you just set your phone on top and let it charge, you don’t even need a charging cable. These chargers are great and when you are in the middle of a busy airport with 2% battery; the perfect travel companion.

#9: Portable Door Lock

Here is another safety precaution. This is a portable door lock that comes in at just over $10. This is the best way to feel safe, specially when travelling alone. Simply place this on your door and even if someone tries to open the door they wont be able to come in. This also works better then the chain because the door doesn’t open at all, so no fingers can poke through and remove the chain. This is the best add on to insure you can feel safe during your adventure.

#10: International Travel Power Adapter

Last but not least we have a universal travel power adapter that comes in at $35. This international travel adapter is a must when traveling around the world. Different parts of the world have different outlets and your appliances might struggle to keep up. With this little gadget you can go all over the world and know that you can charge and use all your electronic devices without worry. This does not convert voltage so make sure that the your devices are 100V-250V before using, they recommend that you do not use hairdryers, straighteners, Irons, electric toothbrush’s, or razors just in case. You can use this gadget in the UK, EU, US, and AUS. There are 3 USB ports and 1 Type-C port. This little gadget will definitely be a huge asset when travelling overseas.


Weather you are a seasoned veteran or preparing for your first trip abroad, we hope this list helped you find some useful things. These items are a great addition to anyone’s travel bag and will make your next trip easy and enjoyable. Times have truly changed and technology has made traveling so much easier! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments where your next adventure will take you!

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