Top 5 Most Affordable Vacation Spots in 2022

It is time to get back out there. To enjoy the ocean and soak up the sun. Regardless of just how much we all need to travel, there is no reason why we should overpay. With so many beautiful places to visit, we have compiled a list of the top 5 that will leave your soul replenished and your wallet intact.


We cannot have a list of affordable destinations without including Mexico. Although there are pretty expensive options; places like Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City are always affordable options. Mexico has come a long way and in 2022 you can find beautiful all inclusive hotels that will leave you breathless. Personally, we fell in love with Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, and Tulum. It made us feel like we were in an all inclusive jungle with sandy beaches. From North America you can find packages as cheap as $1200 including flight, all inclusive hotel, and transport.

If you decide to go for a hostel or Airbnb, we do suggest caution. There is plenty of tourism in Mexico but that doesn’t mean is not like any other country and has its crime. Please research the area if not buying a package. If you stay in a busy city we found city center tend to have the most expensive touristy foods.

2. Costa Rica

With everything from waterfalls, rainforests, volcanos, and sandy beaches; can you blame us for including this secret treasure?

Costa Rica has quickly developed into the most popular budget destination to visit in Central America. The country wants more tourism and has managed to developed great infrastructure and a wide range of tourist facilities to facilitate your stay while there. Personally, we love Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. These towns are located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and offer gorgeous beaches and cheap places to eat. Nevertheless, you can find a place to stay anywhere from overlooking the rainforest to a beach.

3. Cairo, Egypt

We know what you are thinking… Egypt? YES, Egypt. This beautiful destination is the most affordable place to travel in 2022 within the African continent.

Cairo has been standing since the time of the pharaohs. With breathtaking monuments, temples, views, and many other attractions we are sure you won’t be bored.

Cairo is not only one of the cheapest cities in the Middle East but throughout the world.

Getting here will be the largest expense and even this is reasonable based on the number of flight options including budget airlines.

A tip? Try avoiding super busy attractions. You don’t have to pick a camel ride. Instead of going in some pricy tour, check for smaller local companies that offer the same attractions at a fraction of the price.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is our absolute favorite destination and it also happens to be one of the cheapest destinations we’ve traveled.

Everything from hotels, food, activities, and transportation within the island is affordable, allowing you to have a fantastic and indulgent trip.

I mean it has everything from stunning hikes, rice paddies, temples to explore, and sandy beaches. There is no chance you will run out of amazing free activities or get bored.

What is the best part? Accommodations are extremely affordable. In fact, you can easily find hostels and hotels for under $20 a night. Have some extra cash? Booking a luxurious villa with a private pool costs less than $100! You heard us…$100 a night! (Tip: travel with friends and share this bill. You can easily find 3-4 bedroom villas and make your stay $25 to just over $30 per night)

Restaurants are also incredibly cheap, there is an un-going joke between travelers that is cheaper to eat out than to buy groceries and cook. In other words, get out there and explore! You will not be disappointed with the amount of delicious food you will find.

A must try while in Bali is their massages! You’ll find massage parlors all around the island offering massages for around $6 per hour.

5. Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia

Mulu National Park is located in the Malaysian section of Borneo and is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its astounding caves and unique ecosystems.

This destination is perfect for those seeking adventure and find a thrill knowing they are surrounded by luscious forests and intricate caves.

People usually go to Mulu to simply get into nature and this means there are plenty of free and extremely affordable activities for you to do. Explore Deer and Lang Cave for $8USD, walk along one of the world’s longest canopy skywalks for $11USD, or embark on one of the many free walking treks.

Now as far as places to stay, they are incredibly affordable although tend to be more on the simple side.

We do have to warn you, going in the offseason between December- March will land you the cheapest prices but also rain. You will have a jungle paradise all to yourself and see the beauty nature has to offer.

Personally we recommend staying at the Marriott Resort. Not only is it very budget friendly but has gorgeous views and stunning buildings making your stay extra luxurious.


It is time to travel! Pack your bags and start a new adventure. We hope this list helps you do so in style and while saving your wallet. Enjoy the beaches, get some relaxation, and find yourself in the most breathtaking destinations.

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