What You Missed At The PlayStation State of Play Broadcast (June 2nd 2022)

If you missed the broadcast of the State of Play on June 2nd, 2022, we got you covered. With so much information to break down, we will do our best to give you the highlights. From what is coming out to what is in the making, the future of gaming seems bright. We hope you find a clear breakdown that leaves you exited for what is to come.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: March 24th, 2023

So the broadcast started off with Resident Evil 4 Remake. The game is scheduled to be released on March 24th, 2023. Overall, it looks really good in comparison to what the game looked like before. They have greatly improved the graphics and hopefully will manage to keep the original feeling players fell in love with. We originally thought this was a release in the Resident Evil franchise, however, quickly realized it had too many similarities with the last generation. We must say, for a remake that appears to have remodeled all characters and many game aspects, the graphics still feel bellow current standards. You see, when comparing this game with others further down this list, you can’t help but notice there is still room for improvement. Granted there are limitation on how much you can better an old game but for extensive remakes this game felt a little too close to the original version. Perhaps we aren’t seeing the full picture and this trailer did not do it justice. We will wait and see; however, we thought it was a great nostalgic way of starting the broadcast.

Resident Evil Village: Coming to PS VR2

Next on the list is Resident Evil’s VR game. It is scheduled to come out for the new VR2 for PlayStation. This VR game looks much better than the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Not sure why that is or how that could be considering this game was made in 2021 and the Resident Evil 4 is still in the making. Whatever the reason may be, this game just has more appealing graphics. Once again, we feel obliged to mention that these trailers are certainly not always final versions and can portray a picture much different than the final product. Overall, it looks very creepy and feels custom made for the horror/survival game lover. For those seeking the VR experience and in chase of all things spooky… keep an eye out.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Retribution CH2

Another featured VR2 game from the Walking Dead franchise. I must say the graphics do not compare to Resident Evil Village. It is possible that the story or mechanics will be better in this game; however, with just trailers we are merely speculating. If that was the case though, it would be its only saving grace. If not, well lets just say this game’s PR team better insure it comes out before the Resident Evil Village. Our opinion? this game just did not shine enough for us to get us exited.

No Man’s Sky: PS VR2

No Man’s Sky is coming to VR2. This makes so much sense for us. The controls and gameplay seem like they where always meant for VR instead of regular controllers. It looks as if it would offer a very immersive experience. Hopefully with the amount of years this game has been worked on for, there is a better storyline. Originally, our biggest criticism for the game was the lack of things to do. It felt like you could run though the game and be done in just a few hours. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope the game has had enough time to show players growth and progress.

Horizon Franchise

Let’s talk about a personal favorite. Horizon has announced a VR game called “Call of the Mountain”. Our geek sides lost it when this trailer played. We are excited for further gameplay but let us break down what we know for now. As always, the game looks stunning. Graphics are beautiful and the world looks fascinating. We know that historically the Horizon games have always been visually amazing; however, add a VR element and it could be a whole new ball game. They also announced that Forbidden West DLC will be released as of the broadcast (June 2nd, 2022). For everyone who has Horizon you can play the DLC right now. The DLC will be coming with some major updates to the game. You will be able to reset all your skills, redistribute skill points, and switch outfits looks . Moreover, there will be a ultra hard difficulty mode added to the game. Lastly, if you already beat the game you unlock “New Game+”. This means you can try the new ultra hard difficulty or replay the game with endgame gear and skills. We are exited for the DLC and can’t wait to see how Horizon takes on the added VR effect.

Spider-Man Remastered: Coming to PC August 12th, 2022

Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC August 12th, 2022. For all the Spider-Man fans that are a part of the PC master race team, this amazing game is for you. We were kind of shocked a game that is not that old is already getting a remaster. Nevertheless, we think a company that sees growth potential and doesn’t want to wait 10 years to release a better version is commendable! It goes to show not only the love this game earned from the gaming community, but also, the company’s desire to listen. For those who couldn’t play because of not having a specific console and were asking for a PC version… your wish is Insomniac Games’ command.

Stray: July 19th, 2022

While we where watching the trailer for Stray, we were 100% confused. We kept wondering what was the purpose of this game. Although the gameplay looks fun and interesting but we just don’t quite know just how long we would play before we get bored. Playing like a cat brings a fun element to this game; however, we didn’t see enough of a storyline to ensure the game would keep us entertained. Nevertheless, as a fun casual game this could be a cool addition to anyone’s collection. The gist of things hint to a cat living in a world where everything is ruled by robots. If the game adds an intriguing, mystery solving story where the goal is to find out where the humans and all other life forms went, it could be pretty fun. PlayStation Plus Premium and above get this game for free when it comes out so if you are a member, keep an eye out for it.

The Callisto Protocol: December 2nd, 2022

This was the scariest game that was shown at the broadcast. It reminded us of Dead Space and we where right to think so, this game is being worked on by the old studio’s co-founder Glen Schofield. The original studio Visceral Games was closed down in 2017, so Glen Schofield went to create the next line of Dead Space games in this new game called Callisto Protocol. This game looks terrifying, and that alone is reason enough as to why we will not be playing it. We are not fans of horror games simply for its scare jumps and anxiety inducing atmospheres. Nevertheless, our dislikes could be someone else’s cup of tea. For those fans of horror, this might be the game for you. It will be coming out by the end of this year and seems both visually striking as well as terrifying. Horror fans keep an eye out…

Rollerdrome: August 16th, 2022

Rollerdrome is a new and interesting team fighting 3rd person game. The art style is very unique, and feels like an anime almost. Based on the gameplay shown it looks like a fun game to play. It is a 3rd person roller derby game. The goal? Kill your enemies with an array of guns while doing all kinds of tricks. It is scheduled to be released August 16th exclusively to PS4/PS5 and is another great example of a fun casual game to play when in need of a change.

Eternights: Early 2023

Here we have an anime game with crazy action and effects. The graphics look like most 3D Japanese games. Based on the trailer it appears to be a fun time. Although the trailer started in a shocking way we were pleasantly surprised there was some romance sprinkled in there as well. We would say it is another Japanese action adventure game ideal for people who love anime. The fighting is as bright and colorful as you would expect for a game in this genre. Although not a game we would typically pic, it felt new enough that it could be a refreshing choice for someone looking to try something new.

Street Fighter 6: Coming 2023

Here is Capcom’s heavy hitter for this broadcast. We got Street Fighter 6 coming out in 2023 and it looks stunning. The gameplay looks amazing and for all you street fighter fans, we think this will be a great addition to the franchise. Ryu looks really cool with his new outfit, an older wiser man perhaps. We are sure more information will be released as time goes on. We will continue to follow closely for new updates as we can only assume this will be everyone’s favorite. Question for you fighting game lovers; do you think the fighting style looks better than other previous gens? Personally, it felt like a more modern take on previous fighting mechanics. Nevertheless, we would love to hear the communities opinion.

Tunic: September 27th, 2022

Here we have a adorable little fox character that reminds us a little of Link from Zelda. This is a Indie game that is coming out in September called Tunic. The art style is very beautiful and fun with tons of colors and perspectives. This is an open world adventure game. Much like Zelda but for PlayStation, it looks like lots of fun for people who don’t have a Nintendo and haven’t played a Zelda game in a while. Even if you have never played but always wanted to try the Zelda franchise; Tunic gave us enough of a nostalgic feel that it could be the game to scratch that Zelda itch.

Season: A Letter to the Future: Autumn 2022

Season is another Indie game that is about a girl traveling the country alone and capturing what each season has to offer. Even after a season is done her photography will remain. This game has an amazing art style and you will be taking pictures and recording sounds. The world that was created seems truly inviting and inspiring. We think this game would be perfect for any photography lovers. It also seems to be an incredibly peaceful casual game. It feels modern and refreshing as it gives artistic freedom to the player. What represents summer? You and your camera decide that

Final Fantasy XVI: Summer 2023

The broadcast ended with a bang. Final Fantasy XVI is finally coming out. It will be out Summer of 2023. The Final Fantasy community has been waiting a very long time for this game and it is finally here. Will it be up to the communities standards with how long they have been waiting for this game, only time will tell. The game trailer was very well done. Lots of big boss fights, super flashy combat and rewarding cut scenes. There are titans, gods, and dragons that you will have to fight. These seem like some large scale fights right here and it truly got us exited to watch more gameplay. We will keep an eye on this baby and will cross every finger that it delivers on what we have been waiting for.


In conclusion, there wasn’t a whole lot for this broadcast. Considering it was only a 30min event we were satisfied with most trailers and gameplay snippets shown. If the goal was to hype up the community for what is to come.. it was a job well done. These little updates on what is being developed and coming out in the near future serve as a great reminder for what to keep an eye on. It seems like E3 is not happening this year so maybe this is Sony’s way of showing the community some new and exiting things through out the year. Or it is a teaser for PAX east 2022 where they will show even more games that are being developed. Either way, there were a few cool announcements and some awesome trailers. We hope this list served as a useful summary and brought some excitement for what the future has in store.

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